With a little help from my friends.

I have to admit, at times I’m not the best friend I could be, I get absorbed in family life and sometimes I forget to arrange that coffee, or reply to that text. I’m not intentionally neglecting my friends, i’m just still the forgetful fool I’ve always been, just this time with a grown-up life thrown in.
I have to confess, for reasons I shan’t write about right now, life is challenging at the moment, and I have had the urge to be an ostrich hiding my head in the sand and waiting for everything to pass, this has meant I’ve been even more rubbish than usual!
This weekend, some of my closest friends indulged me with their company and I suddenly remembered what it was like to be me. I smiled, laughed, made plans, felt alive. Listened to their worries one by one, hugged them and reminded them I am always here, and made a promise to myself that I will answer that text inviting me for coffee, and perhaps I’ll be better at sending them to? No, I will be better at that! I’m great at chattering about challenges faced as a mother, i’ll be the first to whinge about being woken up 5 times over night or the tantrums, but when it comes to talking about whatever it might be that is stressing me out which doesn’t relate to children..I’m my own worst enemy. My mantra needs to be ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ so thanks to my lovely friends for making me smile, and making me realise I need to share, it’s true, I need a little help from my friends.