WIN a Dairy Diary 2017!

We’ve teamed up with Dairy Diary to give away one of their fabulous 2017 Diaries, and The Dairy Diary Favourites Recipe Book!

Dairy Diary 2017

I’ve been a huge fan of Dairy Diary for several years, and I can’t emphasis enough how important my Dairy Diary is to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day family life! I love the space to write multiple activities or memories into each day, and the budgeting pages are fabulous if you want to see where your money is going each month! There are lots of useful information in the Dairy Diary, from washing tips to gardening tips!

The Dairy Diary has always been filled with recipes, from family favourites to seasonal goodies, each with easy to follow instructions! I still love this Halloween Easy Cake Pops recipe which I tried out back in 2013! This year Dairy Diary is celebrating 35 years, and has produced a wonderful book, Dairy Diary Favourites, containing one hundred favourite recipes taken from Dairy Diaries over the last decades. Nick Rowe, executive editor, said:

“The Dairy Diary has showcased over 2000 recipes since the first edition was published in 1982 so it would be impossible to recreate all of them in one book.”

Therefore, they’ve carefully selected one hundred of the best loved recipes, to share in one handy book.  Whether you’re looking for a simple tea time treat or retro dinner, Dairy Diary Favourites is a definite go to recipe book!

To enter to win both books, follow the simple steps on Rafflecopter below!

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Good Luck!


  • Tracy Nixon

    I have never owned a Dairy Diary but after reading up on reviews I am intrigued and would love to win one!

  • pete c

    never had one myself but my mother did, I`d like one as she always found it a useful reference tool

  • Angie McDonald

    I’ve never owned one but i’ve heard my mum speak about them so i’d love to win one for her!

  • Kim Neville

    Have not had one before but would love to try some of their favourite recipes on the family

  • Laura

    Such wonderful memories of my mums Dairy Diary as a child – she used to slip extra recipe cut outs into it throughout the year and then every Boxing Day we would spend an hour or two going through the whole Diary transferring the good ones (and the ones originally in the diary) to a big recipe scrap book. She gave me one when I first left home, I must admit I wasn’t anywhere near as organised as she was!

  • Ruth Harwood

    My mum used to have one every year! I still have a cookbook she bought me connected to them!

  • Josie Bicknell

    My mum always had one but as don’t have a milkman anymore I never think about this diary

  • Kim Styles

    My mum always had the Dairy Diary every year -it was like her only little filofax- not only was it a diary but it held endless pieces of paper, for shopping lists ,hand written recipes and the weekly milk bill !

  • CLAIRE woods

    I have never owned one but it looks great. I love the space to write and all the tips.

  • Rebecca Williams

    I would love to win as its perfect for logging my many outgoings and keeping it under control 🙂

  • Liz Harbron

    I’d like to win so that I can be more organised next year and try some delicious new recipes.

  • James Harris

    I would like to win because I need to be more organised in 2017 and not forget as many things. A new diary will help me do that.

  • Alison Johnson

    I have one which is from the 90’s I think! I love the recipes which you get in the diary whilst you are organising yourself.

  • Sarah Cooper

    I remember my mum having one every year, I often used to write little stories in there for her.

  • Kelly Ellen Hirst

    My mum always had a dairy diary. We found one from about 20 years ago & couldn’t help but laugh about the mundane tasks of the day she recorded in it

  • Dale Dow

    I’ve never owned one but as chair of the pta I have loads of tasks to get through in a day!

  • Jo Carroll

    For some reason I’ve never owned a Dairy Diary…I’ve spotted them in the shops usually a few months before Xmas but someone usually gets me a diary or two for my birthday so I end up with what I’m given…they look full of great content though.

  • laura banks

    getting it delivered near christmas by the milkman and then making sure to put my birthday in it for my mum lol

  • Beky Austerberry

    I remember it from when I was growing up! Mum had a couple of copies which I used to read.

  • Caroline H

    I remember that every year we used to buy one as a Christmas gift for my lovely great aunt Gloria. Great Uncle Robert always got a small bottle of Old Spice and in return we all got slippers. Every year!

  • Miss Tracy Hanson

    My Grandma used to buy my Mum one every year until she sadly passed away. Brings back great memories, and we still have them as well, although they are a bit “worse for wear” now. 🙂

  • Christine Sunter

    When I was first married (over 30 years ago) I used to get the Dairy Diary from my Milkman. When he stopped delivering milk I stopped getting them – I loved the recipes and tips in there. If I don’t win I’ll have to see if someone will buy me one this Chrismas!

  • Judith Allen

    I’ve never seen one before, but would love to see what one is like. I do wonder why my mum didn’t have them, it does seem like her kind of thing.

  • Mary Duncan

    I would like to win this because I need to get organised and this seems to be a much-loved institution.

  • Kelly Hemmings

    My sister always used to buy one for my mum for her birthday which is also on Christmas Day!

  • Leanne Bell

    I’ve not had one before but I really love baking and definitely need to be more organised x

  • laura bryant

    I remember my nan keeping the ones dates the year my brothers and sisters was born they where very sentimental to her before she died

  • Jane Adair

    I’ve been using Dairy Diaries for as long as I can remember. My children and now my grand children have been raised on the recipes.

  • Nuala Rees

    never had one but do think it could be useful also my memory is not good so want to be able to get some bits I need down

  • Lindy Hine

    I love the Dairy Diary – I always get one and it just contains so much “stuff”. Huge amount of info about anything and everything under the Sun (and also the Phases of the moon actually!) . I love the pocket at the front where you can keep things that you really need not to lose, and the little reminder stickers. Great value too!

  • Laura Harrison

    I would love this to inspire me to cook more and also to organise myself as well. Thank you for the chance xx

  • Victoria Prince

    Oh I was brought up with them! My mum used to have one every year, and my overriding memory is making Victoria Sandwich Cakes using a Dairy Diary recipe 🙂 I also found the measurements chart in them invaluable!

  • Emma Whittaker

    I have never had a Dairy Diary but lools fantastic and love the idea of the recipe book 🙂

  • Marina Owen

    My gran always bought this for my mum every Christmas. I remember as a child I loved looking through the diary at all the lovely recipes. I didn’t realise they were still going. I’d love to win one because it would bring loads of lovely memories flooding back to me.

  • Janet Rumley

    I have never had a Diary Diary before but would love to experience the chance to improve my organisational skills x

  • Karen B

    I remember my mum ordering a diary from the milkman each year – she loved the recipes.

  • Susan B

    My memories are being on your mailing list, looking at your lovely products and entering your super competitions. No luck yet but I will keep trying as I appreciate quality.

  • ellie spider

    I’ve never had or heard of these diaries before but it sounds pretty cool I like the fact it has extra info like recipes and budgeting tips etc

  • Pauline Dring

    I still have my out of date Dairy Diary as it has lots of info I need to keep in it. I always like to have one but rarely do!

  • Patricia Avery

    I was bought the Dairy Book of Home Management for my first Xmas as a married woman. An absolute godsend for someone as clueless as me. Covered everything from cooking and gardening to papering and plumbing! So useful 🙂

  • Jean Vaughan

    From the first year it was issued I bought my mum her dairy diary from the milkman- right up until she died and then, because it was part of our everyday life I continued buying it for myself. I have used and come to love many of the foolproof recipes and find the information pages invaluable. My Dairy Cookbook may be falling apart but it is still my most frequently used cookery book.

  • Emma Price

    I remember my nan getting one every year when I was younger and the excitement of her trying out a new cake receipt from it 🙂

  • Sarah Hanson

    My granny was an amazing baker and often used the dairy cookbook for inspiration

  • Jamie C Millard

    i don’t have personal experience but my sis thinks it’s great so i’ve entered to win for her.

  • Sheila Reeves

    No memories of the Dairy diary, but I do remember my mums copy of the dairy cookbook, great for basics and a “go to” recipe book

  • Aaron Milne

    My wife always uses a diary – it would be a lovely surprise if i could win one

  • Julie Camm

    I remember buying it when I was first married and it got me into cooking and baking

  • Amanda Richardson

    Used to buy one each Chrismas off the milkman many years ago before smart phones were invented!

  • Adrian Bold

    I have actually never owned a Dairy Diary but after reading up on reviews I’d love to. My organisational AND cooking skills could use some help!

  • Caroline Blaza

    I have happy memories of my Mum having this diary as we used to make the cakes featured in the diary

  • George Wright

    I’d like to win cos I’d fancy making some new things next year & I’m sure the recipes will be fab!