What on earth should I do with Boo..

We didn’t get our first choice primary school for Boo, and it has led to much thinking on my part of what we should do. We don’t need to educate him until the term after he is 5, so that would be next September, although in reality with a little encouragement certainly he is ready to learn. I have thought long and hard about home education, I was educated at home for a large portion of my school life, so I know that all the things which worry most parents about home education are untrue – inability to socialise and inability to gain qualifications (I love socialising – always have, and i’m very well qualified to..). I am still undecided that school is a good decision, and especially after the meeting in the offered primary school which laid down their school policies.

 I am sat with my head spinning unable to decide what is or isn’t a right decision. I was put off mostly by the statement that children shouldn’t be allowed to read what they want. I believe that any reading should be encouraged even if it is a comic, I remember I used to love reading the local paper at a young age mostly because I had to have lots of help with the words from my parents! The school is incredibly religious, something else which leaves me uneasy, I want Boo to love his religion not despise every minute of it which I feel he might with their preaching rather than teaching. 

I have shed tears, and for the first time since bringing him home from hospital I can hear myself thinking..What on earth should I do with Boo.


  • Rachelradiostar

    Oh what an awfully worrying time xx Can you appeal for your first choice? In America I have so many wonderful internet friends who homeschooll their cjildren. I would homeschool if I was in your position and ask to be placed on the waiting list for your first choice. You have the luxery of time on your hands somewhat. I would do my research and see what’s available re homeschooling in your area and send out searching social networking tendrils – there will be lots of people to help you with this xx

  • Rachelradiostar

    I am laughing now as I re read my comment – I AM SO SORRY for the awful spelling – a combination of getting ready for work ( in a primary school! ) and wet nails and making sure the teenage boy is getting ready!!!

  • Mrs Goriami

    Thanks for your comments, hee hee don’t worry about the spelling! I speak to a couple of Home Edders on twitter & FB, I just need to take the next week or two to decide what I should do..i never thought that someone elses education would cause me so much brain ache! *breathes deeply* x