Weekend Comfort with Berlei

I recently managed to spend a lovely Sunday spent with a friend from my childhood who I’ve not seen for 15years. We randomly bumped into each other a year ago and we’ve stayed in touch since – she lives abroad now so it really was a chance meeting! It was cold and incredibly wet but after a coffee we walked around the Cathedral grounds and reminisced about the things we’d got up to in our youth and even our childhood sweetshop which now stands sadly very empty! It was quite amazing to see even though our lives have taken such different turns, we still get on as well as we did all those years ago! I guess it’s true what they say about real friends being forever, it’s great feeling so comfortable with someone that you can talk about anything!
I’m all about feeling comfortable at the moment, it must be my Winter survival instincts!  Unless I really have to, I will never go without a bra – I feel naked without one, as I have quite a large cup and they need some support! However, there are times, when I’ve longed for some support without the structure of wearing a bra. Berlei have found me a solution in the form of the Weekend Cami, this is a really pretty cami which I have to confess looks even better on, but I wasn’t brave enough to photograph myself in it!

The fabric is incredibly soft and comfortable against skin. The cami features a ‘secret wire’ system which provides the support, and it really does support! The lace panels flatter your bust and I found myself showing the lace off by wearing it under carefully selected lower cut or off the shoulder tops to create a really pretty effect. The Weekend Boxer Briefs are a lovely combination with the cami, the lace panels are used to provide a feminine style to a simple comfort design.
Photo: Berlei

 I felt very feminine but ultra comfortable while wearing the weekend range, it was as though I was wearing a really dare I say it ‘sexy’ underwear set, yet without the impracticalities they can sometimes present! They’re comfy enough to lounge in and practical enough to provide the support and comfort I need – especially at the weekend! 

You can grab 25% off the weekend range if you shop before Friday 23rd November 2012, visit the Berlei Blog to see how! 

Disclaimer: All opinions are based on my own honest experience with the products, I was sent the items by Berlei for the purposes of the review.

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  • gidders1

    Oh this looks amazing! So comfortable, I would love some of these for winter, in the darker colours, and lighter for summer. LOVE!