Blog on Win 2015 #blogon

I can’t emphasis how exciting #blogon was, not only did I get to catch up with some lovely blogging pals – I’m especially looking at you TheBoyandMe, but I also learnt a huge amount. Now, I’ve been blogging for a few years – I started in 2010 over on Goriami Family, but blogging is fast paced and changes frequently, and I’ve been busy having babies and not kept up!

Laura runninng a discussion on blogging - No such thing as a stupid question - great for essential blogging basics.
Laura runninng a discussion on blogging – No such thing as a stupid question – great for essential blogging basics!

There was a session on how to create content for YouTube, this was fabulous – thanks to @heymummy as you really inspired me, and it’s a bit of a case of watch this space on that one. I have to say this was my absoloute favourite of all the sessions, perhaps as it is something I have really never dabbled in yet, so i learnt a huge amount and have pages and pages of notes!

Lunch, I was to busy chatting and struggling to hear (I had a middle ear infection so found myself saying “pardon?” alot!) to eat much, but there was plenty of food and drink, and I had a divine sausage sandwich!

Playing with one of the toys on display at BlogonWin
Playing with one of the toys on display at BlogonWin

Brands, this was a fabulous opportunity to see who works with who and by who I mean the people not just the name of the PR company – it’s really nice to put a face to the name! Most of the brands were toy related, but there was a couple of other brands there too including Hotter Shoes.

Tombola, Raffle and Competitions. There was a great tombola and raffle, I ended up with so many things from the tombola I actually put some tickets back and I had two happy boys when I arrived home with magazines and things for them! The raffle prizes were amazing, and there were some very happy winners! Competitions, lots of brands in attendance ran competitions for us while we were there, the only issue was that WiFi was very weak, and so trying to tweet was difficult (and no mobile signal at all!). I did however manage to tweet a silly face or two, and a tweet about Clever Keet, who I ended up winning! (I’ll have a very happy child on Christmas day!).

Cake.. OK, what can I say the cake looked amazing and I cannot even put into words how amazingly tasty it was!


The keynote was side splittingly funny, the Scummy Mummies were hilarious and yes it was me whose 4 year old went to school in his pyjamas under his uniform as I just could not be bothered to argue anymore..!

So, would I recommend you go to a #blogonevent? YES YES YES!! It was fun, informative and worth every penny of the ticket price (a bargain at £30!). I’ll defintely be working harder on my blogs this year as a result!


  • A Cornish Mum

    This sounds like a lot of fun and I love a raffle or tombola 😉 I just wish there were events like this in Cornwall, or even Devon would be good!

    Stevie x

  • Laura's Lovely Blog

    It was lovely to meet you 🙂
    I loved the Scummy Mummies and giggled at everyone’s stories. I missed the youtube session and went to the photography one instead. I actually wish I could have gone to all of the sessions x

  • Kara

    So lovely to finally meet you and glad you had a wonderful time. I am a little jealous you won Clever Keet as I had my eye on him too!! I did wonder who the pyjama story related to :0)