Madonna is the Marmite of my World.

The weather is dreary, and I feel like I could sleep for a week, it makes making an effort to look nice well….difficult! I keep looking at myself in the mirror and thinking..”Wow! It’s about time you wore some make up..” I feel like a scruff. I can’t help but wonder if women in the media ever wake up thinking that they’d rather just spend their day in a pair of yoga pants with no make up on? What would Madonna do?

Madonna would pull off wearing her yoga pants, an oversized shirt, with a pair of heels and smudgey eye make-up as some kind of fashion statement.  Madonna, being Madonna would probably think ‘I don’t care what you all think, I’m Madonna and I’ll wear what I want..I know I look good anyway!’ We’d all sit there and love/hate her as normal, as let’s face it she is a bit Marmite. This is where I have a lot to learn from Madonna!

I’ve sat and cleared out my make up bag, it is now depressingly empty and in need of replenishing. My plan is to invest in a good mascara, some tinted moisturiser and a little blusher. Oh.. and I’m going to get my hair cut.. I’m going to pull off this yummy Mummy thing this winter! I wonder if I’ll have more energy when I see myself looking yummy instead of slummy? Does anyone have any suggestions on easy ways I can keep myself looking yummy this winter?