Vitamin D for Children

I had a long chat with the Health Visitor before baby Yo arrived all about vitamin D and the need to ensure children are getting enough of it. Vitamin D is something which I always assumed the children would get enough of as they’re outside playing in the garden quite a lot, but I’m not sure if they do get enough exposure as I tend to encourage them to play in the shade etc.

Vitamin D is important as amongst other things it regulates calcium in the body, and a lack of it in children can lead to conditions which cause bone deformities, you can read more about it here. By making healthy dietary choices you can increase your vitamin D consumption, but my 3 year old is not keen on oily fish or fortified cereal which are two great sources of vitamin D, so I decided he really needs to take a vitamin D supplement.

Haliborange Kids Vitamin D Calicium Softies
Haliborange Kids Vitamin D Calicium Softies

Haliborange have a great range of vitamins and supplements for children, and are a brand a remember from my own childhood – my Mum used to give me their vitamin c tablets! We were offered a pack of Haliborange Kids Vitamin D Calcium Softies to try out. I have a very fussy 3 year old, so I was prepared that he probably would not take the vitamins, however as they look appealing – like sweets – he didn’t take much convincing to try one.

They’re soft and chewy, look fun -they’re shaped as strawberries! They have a subtle strawberry flavour, which is pleasant but not too much like a sweet – yes I tried them too! One a day makes them easy to take and we have been taking them after breakfast so we don’t forget! I do feel at ease knowing that my 3 yr old isn’t missing out on vital vitamins, and I think that as he is a fussy eater supplementing his diet with these children’s vitamins means I can focus more on encouraging him to try new foods and less on bribing him to eat as I’m worried that he won’t get enough “goodness”.

Disclaimer: We received a sample of Haliborange Kids Vitamin D Calcium Softies for the purposes of the review. All thoughts and opinions are my own as a parent and are not intended as expert advice.