Turning back time..

Most of my second hand purchases which are for myself, are things which remind me of childhood or I actually live in a very sophisticated child-free zone….(ok so those ones are rare..I confess I’m really a bit of a child at heart!).

Todays offering, is close to my heart! About 10months ago, whilst heavily pregnant I randomly got talking to MissieLizzieb on twitter about gum ball machines. I’d had one for Christmas when I was 10 or 11, and had it up until I was about 25 when it just vanished – I suspect Mr G may have thrown it in the bin (like he did with the Christmas presents in 2007) but he denies this..MissLizzieb had owned one to but knew what had happened to hers…her husband smashed the globe bit…tut tut..I’m shaking my head in disapproval to MrLizzieb!

We popped to our local carboot two weeks ago, we’ve not been for a few weeks and bluntly I was very excited to have a rummage through other peoples unwanted things!! Literally as I walked in, there it was in all its glory:

The price £3, larger than my original one, it clearly holds at least 1.5kg of beans!!  I cleaned it and filled it with jelly beans and it has pride of place in the kitchen! Mr G is not allowed to touch it, or vend sweets, oh no no!

Me and My Shadow