Grandad Goriami.

As anyone who reads my blog probably realises, I like to reminisce over my early child hood years, and today is no exception! My father worked in London, commuting daily on the packed trains, so we could benefit from the joys of growing up in the countryside. I hated winter as it meant I rarely saw him until the weekends and they went all too quickly. The summer months meant when he got home from work it would still be light, and I’d squash my nose against the glass front door waiting for his car to appear in the road.

He’d never be allowed to sit down once he got in, he’d take off  his tie and straightaway be outside mowing the lawn while I ran alongside or I’d insist he take me on a long walk with the dog. I suppose it was the benefit of being the youngest in the family by several years. Looking back, I’m surprised how he had so much patience with me when he must have secretly just wanted to sit down quietly with his newspaper and a cup of coffee. I also wonder if I am not patient enough with Boo.

Boo adores Grandad, every day after his toast he asks ‘Can we visit Grandad today?’ to which I mostly reply that we’ll have to ask Grandad to see if he’s busy. Unluckily for Grandad, he only lives about 15minutes drive away, so we tend to visit fairly frequently. Luckily for Grandad, Boo can’t drive or ride a bicycle yet or he would probably be there every day. I try and only visit for a few hours at a time, although sometimes come tea time we are still in the midst of an adventure! I could write an essay on why Boo loves Grandad so much, but I’ll keep it simple. Grandad makes learning fun. They collect acorns and talk about how acorns grow to be giant oak trees, they ‘fish’ for paper clips in a bucket of sand with magnets, and best of all…Grandad encourages Boo to let his imagination run wild!

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  • Otilia

    I like your post lots and it remind me of my dad as well. Unfortunately my parents live 3G away by plane. We go visit them a couple of times a year thouths lovely to meet you last night