The taste test..Miniscoff

I blogged about Miniscoff, and told you that I’d read all these fantastic things about them and I thought they were fabulous, but we hadn’t tasted them. I also promised that we would taste them, and feedback what we thought via another blog post, well, here it is!

I have problems getting Boo to eat fish, unless it is in the form of a fish finger, even fish cakes are often met with content. So i decided the ultimate test would have to be Miniscoff Salmon Ocean Pie, yes I do like to make things difficult, but if I chose something Boo already really liked it wouldn’t be quite so much fun now would it?

Boo announced he was hungry, and so Miniscoff Salmon Ocean Pie was retrieved from the freezer and the instructions read! I was pleased to see it could be either oven cooked or microwaved from frozen, all to often when I grab things out the freezer they need to be defrosted first, so this was already a good sign!

After cooking I had a good delve into the pie, and was pleasantly surprised to see that there was easily identifiable chunks of salmon in a rich creamy sauce. At this point i did wonder whether I should attempt to conceal these chunks of fish, in an attempt to make Boo eat it, but decided this went against the whole point of this little task! So it was served as it was, and licked the serving spoon looking on at Boo eating his Miniscoff Ocean Pie with some considerable envy.

Boo looked at it and asked what it was called, ‘Ocean Pie’ I replied, he hesitated viewing the bowl with suspicion, then proceeded to tuck in without any fuss or need for further persuasion. In between forkfuls he told me it was ‘yummy’ and ‘very tasty!’. Hurrah, Boo was eating fish!

Miniscoff are available at Ocado and Abel & Cole

This is not a sponsored post.