Mini Naked Bodycare – Cute as a Button!!

Bath times are lots of fun in our house, Boo loves bubbles! However, Elvis has quite sensitive skin so we’ve been struggling to find products they can both enjoy!

The lovely ‘freebie fairy’ at Naked, sent me a bottle of ‘Cute as a Button’ bubble bath and ‘Knee high de-tangling shampoo’. The names made me smile, and I liked the no nonsense bottles – they aren’t brightly coloured or decorated with cartoon characters. In fact the bottles are rather special, they are 50 – 100% made of recycled plastic!

Naked products are atleast 97% natural, the other 3% is preservatives to avoid the products going off while on the shelf! Their products are paraben and SLS free, so they are as earth and skin friendly as possible!

Cute as a Button is exactly that, it creates a wealth of soft bubbles which Boo was delighted with and even Elvis enjoyed splashing his hands through them! The fragrance is subtle but very pleasant. Most importantly, Elvis could enjoy a bubble bath without his skin getting irritated!

Boo doesn’t enjoy having his hair washed, it is a series of screams and screeches and then I bribe him with the promise of an extra Octonauts story if he’ll let me wash his hair without anymore fuss! The Knee High detangling Shampoo smelt very nice, but, it wasn’t very easy to wash out..this meant Boo got quite frustrated and screamed and so inevitably so did Elvis! Their hair was lovely and easy to brush after we’d used it, and again it was gentle even on little ones sensitive skin!

Cute as a Button is definitely on my shopping list, and at £2.99 a bottle i might even treat myself to a bottle of it too!

Thanks to the lovely people at Naked for sending me these samples!