The Charcoal Challenge…

 Who doesn’t love a barbecue in summer? I have been lucky enough to participate in the MoneySupermaket Charcoal challenge, and being given £50 to spend on enjoying a barbecue was quite exciting! 

The worst part of a barbecue in my opinion is waiting for the food to cook, as you can smell it all cooking and often there are no nibbles to keep you going! So, we laid on a spread of fresh bread, mini pizza, olives, dips and salad to keep everyone going while the food cooks! I also supplied a good variety of drinks, and found that James Bond style Martini was popular, as was orange juice and lemonade!

 We barbecued plenty of luxury organic sausages and fresh corn on the cob, we had intended to serve turkey skewer kebabs and pitta bread, but I’d gone a bit overboard with the starter and we were all feeling full!

These corns are a bit well.. charcoaled!

We ended our barbecue with an impromptu water fight using the water pistols I supplied in little party bags (it was amazing how the adults enjoyed the water pistols!) resulting in everyone being drenched!The party bags contained bubbles, a water pistol and a lolly, including the cellophane bags and it cost under £10 to create them all.

So, that’s how we spent our £50 on hosting a barbecue for our family, how would you spend £50 on hosting a barbecue?

Thanks to Money Saving Expert for allowing us to participate in the Charcoal Challenge!