Thrifty shopping to keep the boys busy this holiday! #MagpieMonday

Just in case you’d missed it, it’s the summer holidays! No school runs for 6 weeks is great, however rainy days stuck indoors are less fun! Yesterday we managed a dash to a little local charity sale, the boys both loved having a good rummage through the toys and books and the lady offered to supervise them so I could have a good old rummage too! 

I’ve been banned from buying any more “stuff” so I attempted to choose practical purchases instead, I ended up buying a fabulous throw, it might not be the most exciting to look at but it feels super soft and I couldn’t put it down!

The boys selected a variety of books, most of which were “noisy” ones and looked unread, they provided us with a few hours of reading and button pressing, and hopefully after they’ve entertained us they will go back to charity and entertain someone else!

Boo located a sand art kit, which I think was perhaps the best purchase of the day as for 50pence it has already provided hours of entertainment, the only bit missing was the glue!

Hours more fun to be had, and not as messy as I had feared! Did you have any fabulous bargain finds this week?