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The Adams Family – Mansion Mayhem Game Review

We were delighted to get the opportunity to review the new Adams Family game from Outright Games. Available on Xbox, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and on PC.

The Adams Family – Mansion Mayhem is based on the new animated film sequel. The game can be up to 4 player local co-op, and enables the players to explore the mansion and unlock its secrets in 3D.

The perfect game for the family to enjoy for Halloween and beyond.

My son reviewed The Adam’s Family Mansion on Nintendo Switch. Here’s what he thought;

“Having enjoyed the Adam’s Family films I was excited to play the spooky new game! The idea is to complete each level – which is a room in the house, collecting the family crests which allow you to move to the next room (level!). 

I played as Gomez, but you can choose between Morticia, Wednesday or Pugsely too.

I really liked the graphics of the game, they are really good and clear. Although, I was playing on my Switch lite, and I found the characters were very small. I think perhaps it would be better played on a TV connected console. 

The kitchen levels were quite similar in my opinion, and I wished they had different endings to make it less predictable. However, I thoroughly enjoyed using the sword to get a better jump, and chop up some veggie creatures! 

I would recommend this game to age 6-10, because I did find it a little easy to play – although I still enjoyed it. I would really like to try it out as multi-player as playing with three friends would be really amusing!” 

Disclaimer – Game code received for review.