Routine Testing During Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is such an exciting time! But sometimes it can be a bit worrying too. Whether it’s your first baby, or not, each pregnancy is so different! So while if it’s not your first pregnancy, you may have some idea about what to expect you might also find that you worry just as much as with your first! I know I did, actually maybe more so that I did with the first!

When you first discover you’re pregnant, you’ll no doubt have a huge wave of emotions. Pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions! Make sure you speak to your healthcare professional first of all, and let them know you’re pregnant. They’ll be able to advise you on what happens next.

There is quite of lot of important health screening offered during pregnancy. Some countries offer more, so make sure you check with your healthcare professional which health-screens you’ll be offered. This infographic shows some of the routine testing during pregnancy in the US, which may differ from you’re offered if you are reading this in the UK! So always double check with your healthcare professional to see what routine tests they will be offering you!

Provided by International Surrogacy

My experience in the UK, has always been that my midwife or a Doctor would go through the test results with me. If they didn’t, I would always ask just to check if everything is ok! I think it’s also really important to understand the tests – and why they’re being done. So never be afraid to ask.