Re-usable Nappies

One of the best things we have done to reduce our single use plastic waste was switching to reusable nappies. I have to be brutally honest, I don’t use them at every nappy change. Over night we still tend to opt for a disposable nappy, but that’s just as I like to put the nappy wash on over night. I know I am still creating waste, but I have minimised my waste!

Are re-usable nappies easy to use?

YES! I find once you get used to putting the nappies on your baby, they are easy to use! I found I had to try a few brands before I liked one in particular which I then bought several of! I find the nappies with Velcro fastening work best for us, they’re so simple. My favourite is Bambino Mio, you can even buy them in some supermarkets. I use a disposable nappy liner, this means they catch the worst bits, and make washing the nappies easier.


Ok, so re-usable diapers do create washing! I have a wet bag which I stash soiled nappies in, and then I stick the nappy wash on as soon as the children are in bed. I have my own little routine for rinsing and washing nappies. I love to line dry nappies, but in the UK that’s not always possible – although when I want to strip wash nappies I don’t think anything beats leaving the rain to clean them thoroughly on the washing line!

Re-usable nappies are expensive

Are re-usable nappies worth the cost? One of the things which made me reluctant to try re-usable nappies was the initial cost to buy them. One reusable nappy can cost more than a packet of nappies. But, that one nappy can be re-used time and time again. Which rapidly makes them quite cost-effective. Ok, so there’s the cost of washing the nappies, but I think it still works out cheaper than buying disposables in the long run. Especially if you re-use them with your subsequent children!

I didn’t use any re-usable nappies with my first child, as bluntly I didn’t know where to begin! But with each of my subsequent children I have added nappies to our “nappy stash” and now I wonder why I didn’t brave them with my first child. They look much nicer than a disposable – especially in summer!