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One year old baby update

I had forgotten how tiring a one year old is. He is on the go all day, any mischief he can find himself in, he will. At the moment his favourite thing appears to be climbing. Perhaps one day he is destined to climb mountains, as at the moment nothing seems to high for him to clamber. I take my eyes off him momentarily and instantly find myself having a heart in mouth moment as he is precariously clinging to the top of a curtain or something.

How on earth I have a one year old I don’t know. 2018 was lost in a blur of grief, ill health and frankly confusion. I will forever be in debt to those friends who reminded me of school trips, dress down days, and school closures. They allowed me to use what energy I had to enjoy my baby, my now one year old.

One year check.

We had our one year check with the health visitor, which went really well. He is doing OK, I was reassured that he is biding his time to talk, it will come. To be honest I’m not entirely sure he ever gets a chance to speak with the others around, and I probably speak more than I should to him. But, I’m sure we will get there, eventually. I like the one year check as it gives you a chance to double check that your child is about where they should be developmentally. He’s the first child I’ve had who hasn’t got a dummy at the one year check – he threw it out his cot aged 5 months and wouldn’t have it back. Another reminder that each child is very different.


Food is one of those things which I hoped we would not have any issues with. However, little N has other ideas. He is already starting to fuss and has developed an absolute aversion to rice. So anything with rice in gets launched across the kitchen. Cleaning up rice isn’t much fun, so I’m torn between keeping it off the menu and adopting the approach of keep trying (but keep the broom and mop handy..).


Pah, sleep is for the week. This boy of mine likes to sleep in the comfort of the Superking sized bed. Though so far for two nights this week he has actually stayed in his own bed all night…so perhaps he is starting to make improvements with his sleep? We will see. It was nice to have two proper sleeps this week! He has a good bedtime routine, and so I’m hoping soon we may get a little more undisturbed sleep,


He loves toy cars and spends time pushing them along. Other than that he loves the chickens and ducks. Oh, and climbing. He’s not quite walking but will walk if I hold his hand, and happily coasts around the sofas.