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Miele Dishwasher Review & Video

I’ve pondered for years, which is the greenest way to wash up? A sink or a dishwasher? I’ve actually been so torn that I’ve refused to allow us to own a dishwasher while I overcame my own objections. But, then our family has grown and my objections seemed weaker.  No longer would a single sink of water cope with the mountains of washing up we create daily. I investigated, and discovered that some dishwashers use on average less water than it takes to fill my sink once..! So the decision was made to get a dishwasher!

A++ Dishwasher

AO sent us a Miele G5940sc Jubilee dishwasher, this is an A++ energy rated machine. It connects to the cold tap, but for extra economy can be connected to the hot tap too.

The Miele dishwasher has such a large capacity that we are in a lucky position of using it every other day – apart from at weekends when it does go on daily!

Water consumption

The machine uses approximately 14 litres during a Normal wash. That’s roughly 6 litres of water saved compared to what it would take to fill my kitchen sink! Other settings use even less.

We have found it easy to load,and easy to set it up too. I like the fact it’s got clever sensors which detect how dirty the crockery is in order to ensure they’re cleaned efficiently! On the right setting it can even cope with baked on macaroni cheese!

The Miele is quite an expensive machine, but I think It’s quite a good investment, a machine is built to last. I like the fact there’s clever touches e.g. the door is hinged so it stays in place where you have it open to. The machine is designed entirely with the user in mind, flexibility of use of the drawers and the 3D cutlery tray all add to a positive experience. Plus,the machine is ludicrously quiet, Ideal if you wish to run it over night.

Here’s a full video review;


We were sent this for the purposes of an honest review.