Meal Planning Monday W/C 13/01/2014 Grocery Budgeting..

For the next couple of months, I’m examining our food shopping, how we spend our budget and where we could “improve”. I have to confess, I am not intent on being frugal, I want to be able to eat the things we want to, I just think we could save money and be a tiny bit healthier along the way. This week we’ve heavily reduced our spend in the supermarket, we appeared to have loads of shopping for our reduced spend, but the really dramatic change was this was all real food, no ready made processed foods. OK, this means I’m going to have to cook from scratch, but this is a huge change to our usual shopping bills and we usually run out of food by the end of the week.. 


Chunky Vegetable Soup with home made bread

Spaghetti Bolognese 

Vegetable Curry

Grilled Cod with Rice & steamed Vegetables

Pasta with Tomato & bacon sauce

Cheesy Potato Pie

Chicken Pie with Vegetables.


Apple Crumble
Apple Pie
Sticky Toffee Apple Pudding with custard.

(Yes we still have an apple glut, but this is the last of them!).


Sandwiches (on home made bread) these are for lunch boxes Mon- Fri ; Cheese, Egg Mayo.. and all their variations!

Scrambled Egg on toast.


Tonight is all about the chunky soup, and I am already excited! x

Meal Planning Monday