Standing on a platform.. Vintage Footwear.. #MagpieMonday

A couple of weeks ago, Mr G and I went to a 70’s themed party and we went on a special shopping expedition just for the occasion! I have to confess Mr G did rather better than I did, finding himself a marvellous 1972 (yes it is actually dated!) rusty red corduroy jacket some fabulously hideous brown synthetic fitted trousers! I had all but given up hope when I started chatting to a lady I know in one of the shops, who said she might have just the thing and then presenting me with a pair of platform shoes which literally made me squeal! I have a real fascination with shoes, and these are a genuine pair of 1970’s platforms, even better they fitted perfectly and were remarkably easy to walk in. The negative was they made me 6ft4.. 

They actually have a marvellous pink tinge to them and everyone made so many comments about how fabulous they were! I have to confess I think I might have to wear them again on a girls night out! 

Ms G xx