Last Minute Gift Ideas For Children

If you’re looking for some last minute ideas for what to buy under 11’s look no further. We have listed our favourite gifts to buy last minute for tough to buy for children!

Messy Play

Slime is a huge hit with children of all ages! Slime Baff means children can have fun with slime, but the mess is contained to the bath tub! You can also use it as a messy play or small world play activity. Gelli Baff is a similar product which turns bath water into goo! Great fun for the reluctant bather! Our favourite though, was SnoBall Play!


Sno Play turns water into a snow like product! My children thought it was great fun, it could be moulded, and importantly thrown! It easy to clean up and I think it is a great little gift!


Last year our house was Pokémon crazy, and little has altered this year! With a great variety of branded gifts including Pokemon headphones, there are plenty of gift ideas for Pokemon fans!

We like the Pokémon beaker with straw as it’s a fun, functional gift. Certainly one which will get a lot of use! Especially over the festive season – catching Pokemon is thirsty work after all! This could also be a lovely gift for adult Pokémon fans too!

Puzzles and Games

Puzzles and game are firm favourites in our house. Puzzles allow a little bit of quiet time, and games encourage everyone to sit together! We love Tumble Tower from Jaques of London, it has already provided hours of fun for all the family. It’s unusual to find a game we all play happily together. This is a great after dinner game, perfect to play on the dining table!


If you have a pre-schooler you must know exactly who the Gruffalo is! Popular with children everywhere there are a great selection of Gruffalo products on sale. We love the Gruffalo Dinner Set which includes a bamboo plate, bowl  and cup set! A great alternative to plastic kids plates, and it is a gift which will be enjoyed time and time again!

Of course if you’re not sure what to buy, consider buying an experience gift instead. Something like Panto tickets, or a contribution towards an annual pass to a local attraction.

Disclaimer; Some items received for inclusion.