I’m so far from perfect…I don’t know where to begin!

Today is one of those days when I really do wish to curl up in a corner with my head under a duvet. 

I am having a day where i am suffering from what i describe as ‘Man Complex’ by that I mean I feel totally unattractive as I wipe away the baby sick which is somehow smeared in my hair, and my attire is condusive to a teenage boy – that is to say I am wearing maternity trousers which are hanging around my hips revealing rather more of my bottom than even Mr G would appreciate. 

Of course that alone i could rectify, but add to that Boo seems to have turned into the Tasmanian devil over night, wrecking everything in sight and refusing to use the potty…well..let’s just say he is now wearing his bedtime nappies again as I don’t seem to be able to get through to him today. 

Baby G, is sat gurgling happily watching me type, I feel sure he thinks that Mummy is really rather silly, and of course really I am! I wrote yesterday the words ‘I just want to be perfect, and I am so far from perfect, i don’t know where to begin..’ perhaps this is the problem with being a Mummy, sometimes we do just want to much from ourselves. 

On a positive note, with the sun shining so brightly today, and after an incident where I managed to nearly kill myself on a cross trainer yesterday, I’m looking forward to a more relaxing walk in the country tomorrow!