Ice Cream Maker from Savisto – Review

Home Made ice cream, perfect for anyone with an allergy as you can pick exactly what is going in your mixture. Making your ice cream at home means you know exactly what’s in it, and you can get your flavour to taste exactly how you want it with subtle tweaks of a recipe, or being ambitious and creating your own flavours.

Red ice cream maker

The Savisto Ice Cream Maker is easy to use, the bowl goes in the freezer (for at least 12 hours) and then attaches to the mixer top once you’re ready to make your ice cream. Savisto supply the ice cream maker with an easy to follow recipe book, which has a great variety of ice cream, sorbet and granita recipes in. There is also a selection of ice cream sauce recipes at the back too. We tried out Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, and chocolate ice cream from the recipe book. Chocolate ice cream required slightly more effort, effectively cooking up a chocolate custard, then cooling it before adding it to the Savisto Ice cream maker, however, the results were impressive and it was the finest chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tasted! When the ice cream maker has finished the ice cream is very soft, and we did find we wanted to freeze it to firm the mixture up, but it was the perfect texture after 30 minutes in the freezer.

Ice cream thickening up in the Savisto Ice Cream Maker

The machine is super simple to use, it is literally plug it in and turn it on. The lid has an opening so you can add ingredients during the process – great for adding chocolate chunks or sweets after the mixture has begun to thicken. The Savisto Ice cream maker is easy to clean, and we store the bowl in our freezer so we are ready to make up a batch of ice cream whenever we want to. The machine comes in two colours, red and white, I love the red as it has a real retro feel to it.

Red Ice Cream Maker
Easy to read digital display

The Savisto Ice Cream Maker is great value, it comes with a 2 year guarantee (but you do need to register your product to activate it) and the ice cream which it produces is fabulous. We have found that our portions of ice cream consumed have been smaller as the ice cream is incredibly rich and wonderful, one batch provides an ample amount of ice cream for a couple of days for our family of 5.

Would we recommend the Savisto Ice Cream Maker? YES! It’s great value, great fun and produces fabulous ice cream!