How to encourage birds into your garden.

Collaborative Post.

Whether you have a garden, or a balcony, attracting birds to your outside space is surprisingly easy. Personally, I love watching birds from my kitchen window. I have a strategically placed bird bath which is visited by all sorts of birds throughout the day. I always make sure it has clean fresh water in it, it’s such an easy way to make sure birds keep coming back! We try not to cut our back hedges too far, as they provide vital spaces for birds to hide from predators as well as nest.

We get a variety of birds visiting, from the common pigeons, robins, to blue tits and woodpeckers. Some times they are in abundance, other times less so. I personally love seeing the chaffinches as they are so brightly coloured! I’m definitely what I would describe as a bird watcher, but I do love to learn a little about each bird we see. Apparently, according to the US Fish & Wildlife Service 46 million Americans consider themselves to be bird watchers!

So, what can you do to attract birds into your garden? Check out this handy infographic for some helpful tips;

Guide created by Bird-X