Get Dancing with Frubes


This post is an entry for BritMums’ #FrubesMoves Linky Challenge, sponsored by Frubes

Dancing is a big part of our family life, it’s not something I talk about often, but dance was a huge chapter of my life, and my children all have a passion for dancing. My eldest son could gallop beautifully before he could run, and I remember feeling incredibly proud as he would gallop on one leg then gallop on the other while the dance teacher looking on exclaimed with delight.

He hasn’t had dance lessons for a long time, mostly as football has taken priority. But, he still loves to dance, and more often than not in the kitchen..! He loves to pirouette, spinning around is definitely his thing! He also has great balance and loves to stand on one leg while moving his arms then leaping on to his other leg to balance once again! If he were an angry bird, I’m sure he’d be an eagle – strong and graceful.

Frubes moves with Angry Birds
Teaching little sis some dance moves!

Frubes have a great dance game on their site in conjunction with Angry Birds, and you can select which bird or pig you want to make dance, along with the music! You can even print out your own angry bird mask so you could join in with the angry bird dancing! Frubes are a great snack for little dancers, as they’re easy to eat on the go and are a source of calcium  – ideal for helping strengthen growing bones.