Get Baking Mad and Help Raise Money for Children in Need!

Friday 18th November 2011 is Children in Need, not only is it a great night of television but it also is a day when we can all do our bit to help support the work supported by Children in Need. Baking Mad (Allinson’s)sent us a pack of goodies to make Pudsey Cupcakes with, as they are trying to help raise money for Children in Need by selling special packs of flour in Asda and cupcakes are so simple to make and great for fundraising too:

Allinson Flour have teamed up with supermarket giant Asda to help raise money for this year’s BBC Children in Need appeal. To support the appeal Allinson will be donating 15p from the sale of special packs of their Nature Friendly Plain White and Self Raising flours to the charity. The special packs featuring the iconic Pudsey bear character, are due to go on sale in November and are available exclusively at Asda supermarkets. So next time you’re out shopping be sure to look out for Pudsey in the home baking aisle!

We used the Pudsey Bear Cupcakes recipe from Baking Mad, it was easy to follow and the hardest part I found was getting Boo to wait for them to cool before we decorated them!! Boo really enjoyed helping to weigh out the ingredients and mixing them all up! It was quite educational to as he had to help ‘count’ the cases into the tray, and help me set the timer!

We had planned a variety of different designs we were eager to try (including ones with wafer bear ears!) but Boo and Elvis are currently not very well so we decided to stick with the simple idea Baking Mad suggested. The butter cream was easy to mix although I confess I forgot to add the milk..it still tastes ok though.. we added the vanilla extract and Boo was in charge of adding the yellow food colouring – he loved to see the mix turning bright Pudsey Yellow! Spooning it onto the cakes I found myself resisting the urge to ‘correct’ Boo, he was loving spreading the mix over the cakes and it added character that they weren’t perfect! I avoided telling Boo that the chocolate beans were..well chocolate, so the majority survived to make it onto the cakes..well we did have to taste the odd one or two – just to make sure they were ok you understand!! So here are our finished cakes:

So next time you’re out shopping have a look for a special Pudsey pack of Allinson’s Flour, and get baking with your family! Not only do Children in Need benefit, but you also get to enjoy baking and of course eating the cakes you create!

We had intended to sell our cupcakes and donate the proceeds to Children in Need, but as the boys are unwell, we are just making a donation to Children in Need instead! But don’t worry Kirsty (who had kindly agreed to buy one of Boo’s cakes from him) we will make sure when we Boo is better that he makes a cake especially for you and we’ll even deliver it!

Disclaimer: We were sent all the main ingredients to make the cupcakes by Baking Mad, all thoughts (and the cakes!) are our own!

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