Friday Night with Emmi – Iced Coffee Cocktails!

One of the best things about training for the 5k, has been making time to get together with one of my closest friends so we can train together. I have to confess, working up a sweat in a tracksuit is far from the days in our early twenties when we’d be dressed up to the nines in dangerously high heels, and frighteningly short dresses with plunging necklines! One thing remains the same though, our mutual love of coffee and nothing beats a good iced coffee in my view! I was sent some vouchers so I could indulge in some Emmi Caffe Latte, and tipped off that they now do a “skinny” version – ideal if like me you are looking for lighter options! 

I was impressed with how tasty the 90 Calorie Emmi Caffe Latte Skinny was, in fact I wouldn’t have known it was a light version at all it was very luxurious! It’s easy to drink on the go with a handy takeaway style lid! The Cappuccino version is a stronger blend but I was impressed with how tasty the blend is – there is no hint of bitterness. I’ve yet to try the Caffe Latte Caramel as it’s always sold out when I get there, but will keep looking!

Emmi also sent me a special cocktail recipe to share with you, which uses their delicious Skinny Latte and the entire cocktail only contains 180 calories – very good for such a creamy cocktail! So this is what we’ll be treating ourselves to after training this weekend!

Skinny Rhumba
 Want one? Recipe for a Skinny Rhumba is:

– 35ml Golden Rum
– 1/2 Cup Emmi Caffe Latte Skinny
– 1/2 Banana 

Blend all the ingredients together and then serve! Simple and delicious! I have also been experimenting with adding crushed ice for an extra cool version!
Do let me know if you try it out! 
Ms G xx
Disclaimer: I was sent some Emmi vouchers for the purposes of the review, all thoughts are my own, the recipe was supplied by Emmi.