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Express and Go with tommee tippee #review

If you’re a breastfeeding or pregnant and thinking about doing so, you have probably heard all about expressing and storing breast milk. I have to be honest, I’m not great with expressing milk to store, mostly as I end up spilling the milk as I try to decant it from bottle to storage bag. Thankfully, tommee tippee have come up with a clever solution!

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The Express and Go system, currently available exclusively at Mothercare, takes the fuss out of expressing and storing milk. No more tipping from bottle to bag, just express and.. well go!

I was sent a set to try out, baby Yo is 11months, and we’re still breastfeeding. Expressing gives me a little freedom, but keeps Yo happy too! The express and go system has clever pouches which are pre-sterilised, they attach to a breast pump in the same way as a bottle using an adapter (inlcuded). There are a selection of adapters included, so it will work with most of the big brands breast pumps (more info here).


What’s clever about this? These pouches can be stored in the freezer, taken out and warmed using the pouch warmer (included) and then popped into a bottle ready to be fed, no pouring required, SIMPLE!



My view, I think it definitely takes the strain out of expressing, and gives me a little more confidence in taking some time for myself, with the knowledge Yo won’t be missing out on a milk feed. I wish the express and go had been available earlier as when exclusively breastfeeding this would have been fantastic at enabling me to build up an expressed store ready for those days when I wanted a quiet bath or meal out with friends!






Disclaimer: I was sent this product for the purposes of an honest review.