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Does feeling “broody” ever stop?

Does getting that broody feeling ever stop? Do you ever wake up and know that you don’t want anymore babies? Or is it more of a gradual thing where you learn that you have your family and in reality it’s quite big enough? Being surrounded by ladies with babies, or glowing Mums to be, I’ve started to wonder about having another baby. Yes The Mumington Post, your baby photos have really not helped!

I’ve spoken to friends, and most think I’m utterly bonkers or point out the losses I had before I had Yo. In honesty I had so much heart break and physical pain that I said after we had Yo I’d never try again, and I count my blessings every day that we have her in our lives. I’ve spoken to Mr G, and he pointed out the practical side of things, reminding me that we are already outgrowing our home, and would need a new car too. He didn’t rule it out though.. which I thought he might and that I suppose has made me dream a little about the possibility of adding to our family.

I am so happy with my family, that part of me feels I am a terrible person for even thinking that I might like another baby, almost as though I am betraying them by not being happy with the three beautiful children that I have. However it’s not that I’m not happy, I’m just wondering if adding another to our brood would be even more amazing?

I wonder how I’d manage pregnancy with 3 children already? Would it be a huge strain and I would find myself totally exhausted for the entire time? Would I fail my children by struggling to keep up with them while I waddle about with a baby bump? What if things go wrong? Could I cope with another labour?! All these questions flying around my head, while I smile and remember lovingly the cuddles I have had with each of my children as tiny babies – such precious moments which are gone so quickly! Then I look at my growing gorgous children, the chaos they create, and the broodiness begins again.


  • Naomi

    We have 3 too, and when pregnant with num 3 I was sure that was it. Awful pregnancy. After I had her I got sick and I was even more sure 3 was final. But now she’s 6 months I regularly find myself sad that I won’t have another tiny baby and longing for the baby stage to not end. I’m trying to see the positives in stopping now, but its SO hard! I really hope you can conclude the answers to your questions, or learn to live with the what ifs and see where life takes you, as I know the uncertainty can be mind boggling x

  • Vi

    It just feels so final to think “Ok no more!” and I know even if we tried we may not be lucky enough to get pregnant again, it’s just such a big decision to not try. Thank you for your comment, I’m glad it’s not just me who feels they grow so fast! x