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Breastfeeding comes to an end.

I’ve been a little quiet talking about Yo, and I promise I will write that 12month update I’ve been thinking about for a few weeks, but first i need to share the end of our breastfeeding journey.

Yo decided she no longer wanted to be breastfed, for a few weeks she had been less than interested, regularly pulling away and more interested in everything but feeding. I knew the end of our breastfeeding journey was coming, I just expected to be able to plan how and when we stopped. Instead, Yo decided one evening she was not interested at all and over the next few nights she refused. Finally I stopped offering her the bedtime feed she’s always had, and she settled without a fuss. I suppose I greeted the end with mixed reactions, part of me is relieved as I don’t need to worry about the how or when to stop.



Part of me is a little sad as it means the baby stage really does feel over, and perhaps I will never experience that again? I wonder if I made enough time to enjoy the baby stage? Did I spend to long worrying about silly things rather than enjoy those cuddles which are so precious from a tiny baby?

I’ve reminded myself that everyday, each of my gorgeous children is growing up, and each day I must make time to give them a cuddle and really take the moment in, capture each of them in that moment to my memory. So the end of breastfeeding Yo isn’t really a sad end, as I know I’ve given her the best start I could and it is the right time for us to move on. Baby Yo is growing up.