Boys Clothes for Spring/Summer Wishlist

Updating my 7 year olds wardrobe for spring is essential this year as he has suddenly really grown! He is a completely different character to his older brother, so tends to choose different clothes. This makes handing clothes down awkward! So, we have created my 7 year old his own wish list for Spring/summer 2018.

What do we look for when choosing clothes?

He likes to wear very comfortable clothes, and is more at ease on a beach than anywhere else! We try to let him reflect his personality with the clothes he wears, and he loves helping choose! So we’ve looked for clothes which are comfortable, wash well and will last! We like to choose from a store with a wide range of kids fashion, preferably with different brands. Trainers are essential as he will wear them all weekend and after school too. I find spending a bit more on shoes is usually a good investment as they tend to last longer – though not always!

The look..

The fleece shorts are perfect for the months leading up to summer. Cosy but still summery! I am pleased he wants to wear shorts, as trousers seem to get outgrown rather too rapidly! We decided that with dull grey shorts he needed a bright tee. Yellow looks super on him as he has really dark brown hair, and we liked the design of the Timberland shirt. The animal hoody looks cosy and he loves to wear a hoody – though will never put the hood up strangely! Finally the backpack, Mario is a huge hit in our household so the backpack seemed a great idea! Ideal for holidays or long days out. It completed this look really well, and he was delighted to add it to the list. So, now I just need to prepare to shop for it all!

Disclaimer: Collaborative Post.