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Book Review – Total Fertility by Emma Cannon

I was keen to review Emma Cannon’s new book Total Fertility, firstly I know several people who are struggling to get pregnant, and secondly as I have recently suffered an ectopic pregnancy and want to ensure I am doing everything right to preserve my fertility as best I can.

I have to say, I am very impressed with the book, it refers you to different relevant sections of the book so you can flick backwards and forwards to read up on the different things which may help you, I love being able to dip in and out of books like this it’s really helpful! There are sections on not being able to get pregnant, secondary infertility (that’s you have had one child and can’t get pregnant again) and also a really interesting, informative section about IVF.

There is also a section dedicated to thyroid problems, and as I have hypothyroidism this was very relevant to me, I read this section and nodded my head in agreement to many things and have already implemented some of the suggested tips. I’m finding the tips on dealing with stress especially helpful.

I think the most impressive part for me was the fertility kitchen, with a variety of recipes which aim to balance your body and help it recover from daily strains and hormonal changes. I can’t say that this book will increase my fertility, but what I can say is already after just a few days following simple changes I feel better in my self than I have for quite a while. It addresses physical and mental issues and gives practical advice and tips on how to deal with things. 

Whether you are already a Mum or don’t want children until later in life, I’d recommend this book as it is full of tips – some which are fairly straight forward and some which I wish I’d known earlier! It’s available at all good book stores now – Emma Cannon, Total Fertility.

Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of the book for the purposes of a review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.