Can’t sleep won’t sleep aged 2..

It’s 1.30am and I am sat in the company of E who is reluctant to sleep. I’ve not been this tired for a while, but I’m sat keeping him company on the sofa, and he is doing what 2 year olds do best, finding mundane things highly entertaining, so my quest to get him calm enough to sleep by sitting in silence is clearly failing. He is sat chuckling as a fly buzzes around the room and I am sat wondering where I put the fly spray (do we even own any?!).  

I had tried pretending to be asleep, but that just resulted in him climbing on top of me and talking very loudly in my ear…”are you awake Mummy? I am..” and when I failed to respond (I may have been actually dozing at this point…) he kindly decided to perform some form of non-surgical anti-ageing treatment on me by pulling my eye lids up until they virtually met my forehead. 

I’ve tried reading him a story, but that just made things worse as he then wanted it read again, and again, Julia Donaldson your books are just too much fun and I am unable to read them in a soothing go to sleep sort of way. 
I have now resorted to “camping” in the sitting room, I am intent on getting at least a little sleep tonight, even if it is underneath the canopy of a sheet hung over two dining chairs..