Bonfire Fudge – Cottage Delight

Bonfire Fudge, even the name conjures up the idea of something tasty and warming – the ideal autumnal treat! Cottage Delight sent me some of their Bonfire Fudge, and as I have a very sweet tooth I couldn’t wait to try it. Cottage Delight fudge is hand-made, using the same traditional recipe and methods that they’ve used for 40 years.


The fudge has a slightly crumbly texture, giving it a home-made feel. It’s not as crumbly as Scottish tablet I’ve eaten before, but does crumble wonderfully on eating. Taste wise, there is black treacle in the recipe and you can really taste the rich distinctive flavour, which I rather like. Mr G is not so keen on black treacle, so while he approved of the texture he did not like the flavour and grumbled that he’d rather have had a batch of the sea salted caramel fudge instead – I have to admit that also sounds tasty!

Bonfire Fudge is a Limited edition flavour priced at £2.45, grab it before it has gone, it’s the perfect treat for a damp autumnal day!