Rowntrees Fruit Bottles!

The boys were delighted to receive a parcel from Rowntree’s, containing their new Fruit Bottles which contain 25% fruit juice! Boo was impressed with the way the sweets arrived (and this packaging is being played with as I type!).

Fruit Bottles have a distinctly retro feel to them, but with a modern twist – they have a really fruity flavour instead of the old school articifical twang, in fact these contain no articifical colouring or preservatives! 

The sweets are a gummy jelly sweet, and Boo took great pleasure in enjoying stretching them as far as he could! Mr G remarked that the sweets were really fruity and he preferred them to other jelly sweets, as he really liked the fruity flavour! E is too young for sweets but loved rustling the bright red packet!

I loved the expressions on the bottles, there are 5 different flavours but I had to photograph just these 3 as their faces made me laugh – especially the one in the middle! I think these are really tasty and as an after meal treat we enjoyed sharing a packet as a family – the small bag can easily be shared as the sweets are very satisfying! Each small bag contains 149 calories, so  we’ve made sure we enjoyed them as a treat and as part of Boo’s very active day! You can catch up with Rowntree’s on their Facebook page and enter their competition which is celebrating all things retro in honour of the Fruit Bottles arrival! 

Disclaimer: Thank you to Rowntree’s for sending us a sample of their new Fruit Bottles, all views expressed are my own.