20 weeks old..time flies when you have a baby!

Baby Yo reached the 20 weeks milestone! I feel as though we should have had a party to celebrate as I’m still breastfeeding and although I’m tired and podgy round the middle, I am so proud of myself for sticking with it.
Yo is a such a smiley baby, and the nurse looked at her and told me that she was such a content baby I was obviously doing a great job. I could have cried, as I realise I spend so much time picking my weaknesses I forget to applaud myself for things I do right.
Yo can pick things up and put them in her mouth, this is both a blessing and a nightmare! It’s a blessing as she can pick up her dummy and put it in her mouth, but it’s a nightmare as if the boys leave anything within her grasp she will grab for it and try to chew it.. Yesterday it was a paper napkin which I had to spend time recovering from her mouth!

She has two teeth, and we’re awaiting more which I can see but are not anywhere near out yet. This does mean she’s dribbly and can be very grizzly especially if she’s got a bit tired. I was delighted when last night she only woke me up three times.. I have to confess that my children as babies have never slept well, but the older two now sleep fabulously so I focus on the positives of what’s to come! Plus, I only really complain about the lack of sleep on nights when Yo wakes hourly for ten to twenty minutes, which really throws me out!

Yo taking an impromptu nap!
Yo taking an impromptu nap!

Sitting up, she’s not quite sitting up, but is trying very hard and is really well balanced! I think she’ll get there in the next week or two, and she’s certainly keen to try to stand at every opportunity. I wonder if she’ll be an early walker like her biggest brother??? He walked at 9months, E walked at 11months..so both were quite early, and I think I should start to prepare myself!!

Organisation.. I think organisation is the key to family life, and it’s something I fail miserably at. I’m great at keeping a diary, but rubbish at household organisation. I need to meal plan, and generally try to run the house I would a business as currently I am no more than keeping my head above water! I’m writing this while surrounded by washing waiting to be put away and plates waiting to be washed up.. But it’s my 5 minutes quiet time..so writing is OK right?! The mess can wait..