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Why I make time to exercise.

“I was meant to go for a run but…” I was talking to another Mum yesterday and the phrase tumbled out all too easily. I was surprised by her response of “When do you find time to run at all? I barely find time to cut my toe nails!!” it hadn’t been what I had expected. It did make me think though, that often as parents it is easy to forget to make time for yourself.

I took up running again at the end of 2018, I hated it. It hated me. We hated each other. But, strangely each run gave me time when I made peace with my body. I can’t run and think about things, I just run and think about running. It is pure amounts of me time which I hate and love in equal measures.

Walking has always been something I have enjoyed, but I use walking as my time to think. Walking provides me with time to dissect problems and resolve them. Great, but I often come back in a less relaxed state than I began.

I needed something more, swimming had always been my choice of relaxation, but it doesn’t fit in quite so easily with 4 young children. I am sat rolling my eyes wishing I still lived within 5 minutes of the sea front. I really believe in the power of the sea to heal mind and body.

I digress, so, running. I still feel very much like a fraud, I am not a runner. But I do enjoy my runs, they are getting longer and faster as the weeks roll on. My legs are getting stronger, and I am starting to resent the days I can’t run. The great thing about running is I don’t need any fancy kit. I have things I like to run with, but they’re not essential. I also find I am so busy concentrating on not falling over that i can’t think about other things, therefore I am really relaxed when I get home!!

As a parent I think I worry a lot about my children’s well being, what they’re eating and how much screen time they’re getting. I never used to worry quite so much about myself. Parenting means I put my children’s needs first, but it is important not to forget my own well being too.