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This is me… #AD

Sponsored Post. – Hey, this is me. Well, that’s dull you may be thinking. But, I am trying to explain that sometimes we feel under pressure to be something we aren’t. To fit in to the ideals of other people, rather than just to say – this is me, take me or leave me. How many times have I heard people say, “If you wore make up, you’d look better” or “If you smiled more, you’d be more approachable!” Ok, these may be well meaning comments, but maybe there’s a reason I don’t give you a toothy grin? Or I don’t wear make up? More to the point, should I really feel the need to fake it? We Love Dates asked me to think about keeping it real, and why we should all start loving ourselves! So, here’s my thoughts.

Reasons to be Yourself

Primary reason to be yourself? Your own happiness! If you spend years trying to fit in, you’re missing out on years trying to do the things which make you happy. That’s not selfish. At the end of the day you can’t be there for other people if you’re not there for yourself first.

As I’ve got older I’ve quickly realised I spent a long time trying to fit in with certain “friends”. But when things got tough, and my life was no longer interesting for them, they were no where to be seen. The friends who have seen me through thick and thin don’t care that I sometimes wear what I will describe as my “gardening clothes” when I go out for coffee. Or that I worry about simple things. They are just part of me. Don’t get me wrong, I love to look nice, but if there’s more important things needing doing, they get done first! They accept that, this is me.

Importance of being yourself when meeting someone new.

Being yourself is never more important than when you meet a new partner. Especially if you are using a dating site. Unlike when you meet someone in a bar or while you’re out and about, meeting someone online means you have to be guided by photographs and words. With so many options for photographic filters, combined with the nuances of the English language, it can be tough to decide if someone suits what you’re looking for!

So, what should you do if you’re creating a dating profile? I think it’s really important to remember to be honest. Especially with regards to age, and things you like to do. There is really no point saying you like golf, if spending a weekend playing golf is your idea of a nightmare! So, for example, I like camping and being outdoors. I can expand on that if I needed to, but that says a lot about me and if someone didn’t like being outdoors, they may scroll on by.

Love your Photo!

Get a friend to help take a good photograph of you, or if you’re taking a selfie invest in a selfie-stick! Make sure you have great natural light, as it really does help create a better photo. No good natural light? Yes, I have this problem my house isn’t bright enough for good photos at this time of year, so a light ring can help with that – or go outside!

Smile (yes I know I’m not great at smiling!) or laugh! I know I always like to see people smiling and looking happy – so much harder now we’re wearing face masks more and more! Don’t be tempted to add a filter or photo shop yourself, you really don’t need to! Be yourself.

Be confident in yourself.

When I lack confidence in myself, I always think of a peacock. The male peacocks have such brightly coloured tail feathers, they walk around with their tails fanned and they are so eye-catching. They really shout “This is me!” So, stand up tall and smile – and think about the peacock’s confidence.

And, always remember the words of Dr Seuss:

“There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” Dr Seuss.