The Pumpkin edition..

This Halloween is the first one which has excited Boo, and he’s been eagerly dressing up a spiders and pumpkins for the last few days in preparation! 
I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween, just because I don’t enjoy the trick or treaters most of whom are in their teens and are erm..abrasive. There are some parents of younger children who organise trick or treating amongst friends, or people who they know, and I applaud them as it gets over the contradiction to stranger danger. Trick or treating at strange addresses is surely exactly what we try to teach our children from a young age not to do? I don’t know how I feel about encouraging my children to ask strangers for treats? At any other time of the year I’m fairly certain I would be condemned for teaching them that?

Anyway, this year Boo decided, he wanted to celebrate Halloween, and gave me a list of the things we need to do in order to celebrate it correctly. Unfortunately, having yet another dismal cold was not on his list, and after costume making, watching Tom and Jerry’s Tricks and Treats, and Pumpkin carving, he has taken himself to bed feeling and looking rather rotten. Poor Boo, full of cold again. I wanted to share his pumpkin carving efforts, and I suppose I’d best start thinking up spooky antics for next year.. Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!