Easily distracted..

Mine name is Mrs G, and I am easily distracted. I don’t intend not to give things my full attention, it’s just that often other things are more interesting than the thing I am trying to do. It’s a bit like when as a child I was stuck inside revising on a hot summers day, when all I really wanted to do was run along the beach barefoot or sit swinging my legs on the bench waiting for that hunk to walk by. Hunk, oh now I am dating myself! For some reason I say that word and all I can think of is Brad from Neighbours, the surfer with bleach blonde hair – have I lost you yet? Well, as I said I’m easily distracted.
 Thankfully there are times when I am pleased that I am easily distracted, for example when 2 year old E was today shouting down an intercom “Hot Donalds!! I want Nuggets!” and I was easily able to distract myself from the humiliation that my child thought we were at a fast food eatery when actually we were just trying to negotiate a security system. There was an element of humour as the voice at the end of the intercom struggled to understand what I was saying amidst the demands of a very vocal child. The voice at the end of the intercom sounded utterly confused as I tried to explain to E that the man would not be providing us with nuggets, or in fact anything edible at all. E looked at me with wide eyes, clearly he was utterly convinced that once I had spoken to the man, food would follow shortly. Oh how wrong little E was, no food followed my loud conversation. Clearly we have frequented “Hot Donald’s” a few too many times on our way home from days out. Luckily for me E is also easily distracted, so when the food didn’t arrive and the tears began to roll, he was quickly distracted with a banana and a promise of cartoons when we got home..don’t you just love the power of distraction?

Ms G x