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Uni-Verse Surprise Unicorn Toy Review

Uni Verse Toys

If you have a child who loves unicorns, they need to discover UniVerse Collectable surprise unicorns! These are blind bag collectable toys, each containing a unicorn with a quirky character! We were delighted to be sent some to review! So, how do they work?

Revealing the UniVerse Unicorns!

Unwrap the packet to reveal a cloud with an emoji face, this is all soft – like a cloud might be! My daughter thought the cloud was really sweet, she was reluctant to drop it into water to dissolve!

Drop the cloud into water and let it dissolve. The water magically changes colour! Giving a clue as to which land the unicorn you are about to reveal will be from! The water turns to slime once the cloud is fully dissolved. Then reveals the packets with the unicorn and accessories in! This stage is quite messy, so make sure you do it on a covered surface, or a surface which is easy to wipe clean.

The Unicorns!

Lift the bag out, and open to reveal the colourful bags with the unicorn, accessories and scratch card in.

There is an accessory to go on the unicorn’s horn and one for it to hold in it’s mouth.

We were excited to reveal a gamer unicorn, who came with a remote and lunch box! I think this one was all of our favourite!

There are over 40 unicorns to collect, each one has a quirky look! I love the look of the ones from Glam-a- Ganza Land in particular!

The unicorn toys themselves are great fun, the accessories make them really quirky. No two unicorns look the same, they’re different shapes, colours and like different things – this was something I thought was really good. The slime I found very messy, but it was quite a fun and unique part of revealing the unicorn. My daughter thought the slime was amazing fun, although she was sad she couldn’t keep it to play with again. There was quite a lot of plastic waste, multiple packets containing bits, great fun for revealing the toy surprise, but quite wasteful. The unicorns themselves are really lovely, and I think they will be played with frequently – especially by mixing and matching the accessories between them all!

Foodie Roos Toy Review

We were delighted to be sent the new collectable Foodie Roos from John Adams to review. If you’ve not heard of them yet, I’m sure it won’t be long before you do!

Foodie Roos, smell and feel like their favourite foods! Open up the pot to reveal which Foodie Roo is inside! There’s two characters in each theme, e.g. gummies has either Bouncy Bear or Jelly Oink. But you may get a real surprise and reveal a rare instead! In the current series there are 20 to collect.

The first one we opened was a Gummie, and we revealed Bouncy Bear. My daughter was really excited as it looked really colourful! The scent is super sweet, and when you give him a squeeze Bouncy Bear does feel like he’s full of gummy bears!

I have to be honest, we weren’t as keen on the scent of the Pretzel Foodie Roo. It smelt a bit soapy at first, but it did smell more like pretzels as the day went on! We gave it a squeeze and we think it felt like there’s a pretzel hidden inside!

I think my personal favourite is the Soda Foodie Roo Citrus Stripes. It smells divine I love that you can shake it and it sounds like a drink!

The Foodie Roo toys are a good size plush, small enough to carry on the go but big enough for a cuddle. Perfect as a travel companion.

I really like that Foodie Roos could be loved by anyone. The toy is a good size, and I love the inclusion of stickers to decorate the packaging and turn it into a home for the Foodie Roo. There’s very little single use packaging.

Priced at £7.99, Foodie Roos will definitely be on our Christmas lists this year! I think they’re great fun, and good value.