Small changes to reduce bathroom plastic.

I have to admit that I was a little horrified when someone mentioned that my bathroom was full of plastic waste. It was a throw away comment, but got me thinking. I hadn’t really thought about the every day things which created small amounts of plastic, very regularly. But the more I looked at our bathroom products the more I realised just how much plastic waste I was creating.

I think it’s really important to remember that small changes are really important. If you try to change everything at once, it will cost a fortune, create more waste, and you’ll set yourself up to fail. So, little steps. These are ours so far in the battle against plastic bathroom waste.


Deodorant, so this one I have already changed. I made the switch from my old deodorant which had a plastic lid, to Earth Conscious which comes wrapped in cardboard – it is truly plastic free. You can read my review of Earth Conscious, but I will say after having used it for several months I am impressed with how well it lasts.

Facial Wipes

I haven’t used face wipes in years, last owned c. 2008 when I tried them briefly. But, Cotton Wool Pads, I have never used many of these, but have always kept some in. They come wrapped in a plastic bag – not good. So I’ve switched to Fulfilled Reuseable Face Wipes. These are great as they come in a pack of 7, so one each day. Use them, then stick them in the wash. Great for washing your face!

Toothbrush, so plastic handled tooth brushes are a nightmare. I have tried bamboo, but I have struggled with them. I need to try a few more different ones to see if I can find one which really suits me. Until then, does anyone have any suggestions for replacement heads for my electric toothbrush which may be more eco-friendly?

Shampoo, while shampoo bottles can be recycled, creating the waste in the first place when I don’t need to is the problem. So, as a family we have switched to a shampoo bar. This has actually turned out to be beneficial in many ways. The boys are quite keen to wash their hair using the bar, where they hated shampoo. Apparently the bar is easier to use – it is certainly less messy!

Shower gel, initially we started buying refills. Now we have switched everyone to a soap. I was worried that soap would dry out my skin, but so far so good! There are so many bars of soap available, there are plenty to try! One brand I’m about to try is Primal Suds, I’m just about to place an order so I’ll let you know how we get on in a month or two!