Simply Hike – Take Trunki on your Travels!

Simply Hike – camping equipment store, asked if we’d like to review something from their Trunki range! Boo was excited as he got to choose which Trunki he had, within about 30 seconds he decided that he wanted Harley the Ladybird Trunki Suitcase! 

Harley Ladybird Trunki Luggage

If you don’t know about Trunki’s where have you been?! You will see them in airports around the world, as well as increasingly in camp sites! Yes I did say camp sites, any parent with a young child knows, deciding whether or not you can fit the ride on toy into the car to take camping is not a decision taken lightly! Those extra minutes spent whizzing about on their ride on toy may make the difference to get a good nights sleep! Trunki acts as luggage but also a very sturdy ride on toy!

As soon  as Harley arrived, Boo wasted no time in trying him out, and we thought we’d try to video our experience but unfortunately Boo went a little camera shy!


The great thing about Trunki in my experience is that Boo learns about packing his things for our trips away, and looking after it! The only trouble is teaching him that while bringing his entire car collection may seem like a great idea while we’re at home, when we’re away he might prefer some other things! There is a suprising amount of space in the trunki, and apart from his shoes we worked out we could actually pack all of Boo’s clothes for a week into the case! From a camping point of view, it’s ideal as clothes or toys stay clean! The last bag for Boo we took camping with us managed to get milk over it and this resulted in me spending a day hand washing his clothes..yes, a beginners error!

There are two handles to carry Trunki by, and of course a strap to pull Trunki along while your child enjoys the ride, or in Boo’s case enjoys pulling the case himself!


Harley the Trunki has proved to be robust, Boo even tested it by launching it down his slide a few times (not that I would recommed you try this but this was in the interests of reviewing) it survived without a scratch!:


Many Thanks to Simply Hike for allowing us to review the Trunki, it has already been on it’s first adventure and we look forward to taking it on many more!

Disclaimer: We received the Trunki for the purposes of the review, all opinions are my own.