Autumnal Garden jobs

Back to school and the days are getting noticeably shorter already. If you have a garden the work continues for a while longer, preparing the garden for winter. Preparing the garden for winter is really important. Protecting plants against winter frost, and getting ready for spring.


Trees and shrubs need pruning in late autumn. While big trees need pruning by a tree surgeon, smaller trees and shrubs I prune by myself. I do take some safety precautions including investing in some safety wear steel toe capped wellies, and a hard hat to protect myself from stray branches falling!

Image via https://www.engelbert-strauss.co.uk

Climbing roses also need pruning, and this year I need to remember to tie the stems to secure the rose against winter winds! Last winter we lost the trellis and a rose in the bad weather!

Bulb planting

Now is the time to plant bulbs ready for a fabulous spring display of colour. If you have yet to buy any have a look in your local garden centre as some are clearing bulbs ready for festive displays!


Fruit garden

It’s not just time to harvest fruit trees, it is also time to care for the fruit garden! My raspberry canes need cutting right back, and I’m giving thought to planting some other fruit trees as it is the perfect time to plant them.

Clear the garden..

Whether it’s garden toys or furniture, if you can remove it from the garden do. Move any ornamental pots against a house wall to prevent them cracking. Fallen leaves I try to rake up and stick them in the compost bin, though it’s a bit of an ongoing job, it does help protect the lawn!

General Maintenance

Autumn is the time to make sure the shed roof and windows are secure. If you didn’t get round to giving the shed a coat of varnish in spring pick a dry weekend and get it done before the wet and cold weather sets in. Once you have a list of what you need to do, work out what equipment you’ll need to best preserve your garden shed. Engelbert Strauss stock a great range of DIY equipment which could help make light work of any shed renovation!


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