Say cheese!!!! – Magpie Monday!

I have been having withdrawl symptoms, I haven’t been hunting through the treasure trove of charity shops or even been to a carboot sale (although that was mostly as I believed they weren’t on until Easter!).
On Sunday, we braved the bracing wind and icey roads to go on a outing, on the way to our destination we passed the venue of our local carboot and I screeched 
“Stooooooooop!!!!!!!” There were only about 10 cars, and only Boo and I braved the cold to investigate! Initially I looked on disappointed as it all seemed to be things being cleared from Christmas, with the odd baby related item thrown in for good measure. Just as we were leaving I noticed a box of old books, and hidden in the box was:

The condition isn’t great, the strap is missing and the paper label from the bottom is torn, but the mechanism works, the pictures can be seen clearly and they are so kitsch! I’ve proudly added it to the growing collection of vintage Fisher Price toys I’ve been collecting! For 50pence it has provided a huge amount of entertainment already!

Happy 1st Birthday to #MagpieMonday! Check out all the other second-hand finds at Me and my Shadow!


  • missielizzie

    OMG that is SO ace. How old is it do you think? Looks pre our era?

    Where’s the memory card?! LOL

    You are going to have to invite me round on a playdate to play with your FP record player and all your excellent toys!

  • Mrs Goriami

    Hee hee thank you, i think i’m bordering on obsessed! I think i may have to group photograph the entire collection! I can’t see the date on it as it has rubbed off, but I’m fairly sure it is 60’s/70’s? The view finder pictures are seriously cute, if i could work out how to photograph them I would! 🙂