Toddler Tantrums..I can scream louder!

Right, own up, which one of you has replaced my gorgeous baby boy with a screeching monster?? 


Over night, I have it appears been left with a monster! He bully’s his big brother, snatching, hitting and shrieking if he doesn’t get his own way. For example food, haha! He’s not going to eat the food he’s given! Not when there is much tastier looking food on someone elses plate, and as for the bowl his brother has…he wants it.. So, I feel as though I’m constantly either trying to ignore his temper or saying NO! I am not going to muck around with food, if he won’t eat it..fine, I’m digging my heels in and not backing down, especially as he perks up as soon as the fruit and custard appears.. yes..clearly he has his Mummy’s sweet tooth! Today after a battle of wills I won, and he ate his cheese sandwich, but the biggest battle was with myself, I hate seeing him upset and wanted to give in and let him just eat a banana or something! His canine teeth are just emerging, and that combined with his new acrobatic skills are leading to plenty of fun and games!