Po-Zu – Shoes with soul and style #ethical #ethicalfashion

I was introduced to Po-Zu by a friend, she was wearing a pair of shoes which looked fabulous and I’d never seen such an interesting design! She explained that she had discovered them while researching ethical shoes, and the “foot mattress” (made from natural coconut fibres) had sold it to her.


Did you know that leather is regarded as the best material for shoe uppers for breathability, durability and  performance? Yet leather for shoes tends to be harvested from cattle which contribute to deforestation, Po-Zu are proud to state that they use leathers from ethically farmed sources. They ensure leathers are tanned in Portugal using environmentally friendly methods – they do not use harmful chemicals such as chromium. Po-Zu also avoid toxic glues, and instead stitch their shoes, which means they can easily be disassembled for recycling. With a growing footwear market, only around 5% of shoes are currently recycled, and Po-Zu hopes to change that.

Po-Zu have collaborated with Timberland and recently a Hollywood franchise (no more can be said on that one at the moment I’m told..but watch this space!) Po-Zu are seeking crowd sourced funding, do check it out if you’re interested in being part of an ethical fashion brand which is hoping to hop up to the next level. Please note this is not financial advice, and I do not make any form of gain from sharing this information, I am sharing as I am interested in ethical brands and this is an interesting opportunity to invest in an ethical brand.