Organic Toddler Treats at the Zoo #MamiaDaysOut

This post is an entry for BritMums #MamiaDaysOut Linky Challenge, sponsored by Aldi Mamia

Did you know Aldi do a great range of Organic baby foods? Until I took part in the Britmums #MamiaDaysOut challenge, I didn’t actually realise that they did, I mean, I knew they sold baby stuff, but Organic? No! But would it be tasty enough to tempt a fussy toddler? 



As you can see we were sent a great range of products to try out, and the apple and pear pots were devoured within hours of the hamper arriving.. They go brilliantly with yoghurt or custard for older children too.. So we were off to a good start!

Yo and I headed to the Zoo for the day, taking a picnic of Aldi Mamia Organic food with us, her favourite animals at the moment are the Rhinos, and so we stopped to watch them while starting our picnic..


Aldi Baby Rice Cakes

We tried some of the mini rice cakes, these are ideal finger foods for children 7 months + and both Yo and I loved them! They were so tasty, that Yo thought she ought to offer one to the Rhinos..

Aldi Baby Rice Cakes

But then she realised, there just weren’t enough to go around..

Aldi Mamia

We carried on around the zoo, saying hello to various animals – I think Yo liked the Meerkats and the Red Panda the most! Then unfortunately it began to rain very heavily, we hopped on the road train and looked at the animals from there! After saying hello to my favourites – the giraffes, who seemed as unimpressed with the rain as me, we decided to make our way home. But anyone who has a toddler will know, there’s nothing worse than a tired hungry toddler, so before we could set off, Yo insisted on something else to eat!



I was genuinely quite pleased that most of the Aldi products we tried were popular with my toddler, she wasn’t very keen on the juice flavoured spring water, she prefers plain water, and thankfully Aldi do great value bottles of mineral water! The rice cakes were a huge hit, we’ve been back to buy plenty more! The sachets of food, Yo is a little old for some of them, but she loves the fruit ones and the Aldi ones are lots cheaper than the usual brand I buy, so both Yo and I are happy with that switch! Prices start from 59p, and I love the fact that the packets are ideal for days out, are great value and Organic too!

Will we be buying from Aldi Mamia baby range again? – We already have!