Now you are 7..

Dear Boo,

Today you are 7, SEVEN! Where have the last 7 years flown?

I remember the hot day we first carried you home, how you looked so tiny in your car seat, how we had no idea what on earth we were going to do with you. We looked at each other blankly Daddy and I, I distinctly remember first having to change a nappy and crying as I got in such a muddle!

Over the last year you have been a fabulous big brother, a super son, and frequently you have been a great friend to me too. You have listened to me, helped me decide whether to be brave and try new things, and always had a cheeky grin. Never lose that cheeky grin!  Sometimes I know you wish that I’d listen a little more, that you had a little more of my time all to yourself, and I know I need to try harder to make that happen more often than it does.

You are so clever, you make me proud every day, especially when you confront your fears and then excel. You are such a strong character, just like me, so sometimes I know we struggle to find our balance, but I hope you know how much I love you even when we disagree.

Happy Birthday Boo!