Meal Planning Monday W/C 18/11/13

When Boo was a baby, I was very good at ensuring I meal planned every week without fail, it helped us survive on a tiny budget! However, when E arrived I relaxed a bit and over the last 2 years I have become somewhat disorganised with our meals! It’s been a gradual descent into chaos and I’m determined to get back into good habits, so we’re starting afresh this week! I’m only planning the evening meals as breakfast is either porridge with fruit or Weetabix, and lunch tends to be sandwiches for lunch boxes. So here we go, the first week looks like this:


Chicken and Chips.

Veggie Curry with rice and pitta bread.

Chicken Pie, potatoes and vegetables.

Stew with Dumplings.

Cheese and Potato Pie.

Home-Made Garlic Bread and tomato and basil pasta.

Steak and Mash.


Toffee Apple Cake with Custard

Apple Crumble 


I’m already looking forward to cooking and eating some winter warming meals this week!